Do you prefer fying on your own?
Begin by buying a prepared estate in Budmerice.


The airport is designed for small sporting aeroplanes. Length of landing area is 750 m and width of RWY is 30 m in the reinforced grassy design with protective zone of 40.0 m from the middle to both sides. A part of the airport is also a hangar for small aeroplanes and the operating building. The airport is located outside the controlled zone (CTR), so no approval to fy is necessary, observing the fight level within 300 m.

  • The land orientation has enabled a perfect north-eastern direction of the grassy fight and landing runway, which is the direction of prevalent winds in this area, enabling comfort fights and landings. The runway is directed to the castle Červený Kameň, which can show as the characteristic element of the airpot in the future.

  • Sufcient distance from Bratislava airport is perfect to eliminate the limitations of the fights and the landings.

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