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Family Farms

In the project notion, the family farm is a large family villa with separately standing farm building on the lands with average acreage 70,000 m2. The family farms designed as F1 and F2 will enable growing and processing medicinal herbs, growing special plants (tropical and useful plants, as well as decorative plants), or activities related with growing and processing of crops for local perfume manufacture. The family farms designed as F3 and F4 will enable breeding and training sport horses, or any other breeding activities.

A large land around each villa will also enable you to do many sports. The villa owner will have enough space to create a tennis-court, pool, eventually golf links with several holes. The perfect case will be if at least one family member is an active fyer. This is a possibility to be an owner or co-owner of planned adjacent grassy airport. It will be pleasant to enable customers and family friends to come for a business trip or a visit. The business negotiations can take place in the business premises of the airport, and the meeting directly at home. It is possible to park and maintain the aeroplanes in the airport hangar.

Area Acreages
The family farm – F1 herb growing 58 120 m2
The family farm – F2 herb growing 64 120 m2
The family farm – F3 horse breeding 74 250 m2
The family farm – F4 horse breeding 78 290 m2
The airport   98 928 m2
The weekend houses   6 400 m2

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