The fastest way to Bratislava is through Budmerice, Báhoň, Kaplná, Blatné and the highway D 61 to the end of the highway at the airport, total length 34 km. It is also possible to use a shorter route through Budmerice, Modra, Vinosady, Pezinok, Svätý Jur to the entryway to Rača, total length 30 km. The shortest way to Trnava is through Ružindol to the entryway to Trnava with length of 11km. The air transport is intended for one- and two-engined aeroplanes of type Cessna82, respectively Piper PA28, Z142, etc.

Engineering Networks

Water supply of the family farm area is through the water farm of Jablonec community. Household water will be provided on the own land. For heating, cooking and HHW preparation is proposed luiquid air propane. The solution will consist of the liquid air underground reservoir embeding for each family farm. The source of the power connection is the air line HV–22 kV, ending in the transformer station. The documentation for the building approval of the electric connection is elaborated.