Family Farms Budmerice And Private Airport

An ofering of territorially prepared lands, suitable for the project implementation – a combination of luxurious family housing with hobbies demanding large acreages of the lands with possibility to establish private airport, allowing to the owners to use not only the air transport by small tail aeroplanes and helicopters, but also their parking and maintenance. The area is situated in a landscape scenery in the vicinity of the Carpathian Mountains and in sufcient distance from Bratislava airport and adjacent communities.

Large 40-hectare land with ideal shape will enable to construct a highly above-standard family housing in the villas with possibility to implement growing and breeding or other hobbies of family members, directly on adjacent lands with possiblity to use the private airport and the aeroplane scrolling directly to the villa. Each farm will have two available parcels with acreages 2 x 2,000 m2, exempted from the agricultural fund, so there are virtually no area limitations in the object planning.

More information about Budmerice can be found at www.budmerice.sk